Wednesday, September 21, 2011


It's a bead graph.  Today we learned about graphing, spring boarding from a pictoral graph which used animal crackers (doubling as snack).  The x axis listed a few of the different habitats we've been covering and on the y axis were numbers of animals per habitat.  That came very natural,  then we brainstormed together on how to create our on graph with things we have around... lots of beads!  And here it is.

We also attended the homeschool group at the Museum of Arts and Sciences, (which I couldn't give enough praise for!).  For one hour and a half they talked about the scientific method and conducted an experiment with a rubberband-propelled wooden car, double-rubberbanding was the variable tested.nd, the each verified that their Hypothesis had been correct, it went further with two.  They charted the results and we then scribbled out a graph from the chart when we got home to tie our day into a neat little bow.  That worked out.

According to "Mr. Luis" at the museum, the MOAS now offers lots of educational resources targeting the young ones, even working with a class to improve their standardized test scores that comes over 14 times each year.   Their schedule is worth a look:

Today I also bought tickets for a show at the Peabody that is all about the human body, including nutrition.  After checking out the website for "Slim Goodbody", I can't imagine making the subject more appealing!

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