Sunday, August 21, 2011

Meet & Greet

Good Afternoon and happy Sunday.  Welcome to my very fist blog post!

Finding a starting point is always the hardest part of anything important to me.  Having three children in five years have taught me tons of lessons... most prominent among them lately is that I have finally began to dwell less on the details and rely more on my instinct.  My list of goals is long and my time ever-so-short these days.  One of my most lofty goals is how I find myself writing today, Homeschooling.  

What to expect:  Insights, ideas, resources, plans, and priorities of a MODERN HOMESCHOOLING Mommy.

My "modern" approach for schooling at home is secular, humanist, family-oriented, and community based.  My hope is to encourage our creative and strong-willed daughter, with all her curiosities, to look toward her world with moral strength and an open-mind. 

Through homeschooling I strive to establish an environment of learning for my daughter which is creative yet structured, free-thinking yet classically educational to give her an edge and most importantly to nurture the spark I see in her eyes.  Having used such seemingly conflicting adjectives, I should mention my perspective on most of what life is may be described as purposefully fresh and every shade of gray.  More simply, I find such labels 
limiting, loaded and problematically over broad.  I do wish the mommy clock would grant me more 
(guilt-free) time to wade through academia, read more and enrich my vocabulary.  For now, 
I use labels in stacks or juxtaposition for clarity, like poetry sprinkles for sentences. 

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